Fresh work

I know it's been a long time since I've posted any fresh work on here, but trust me, I have my reasons. My saga began back in April, when I decided to take a trip to India. It had been a life-long dream. It was two weeks I'll never forget and don't worry, those pictures will come soon. I shot it all on film and I'm still in the process of scanning in medium format negatives. Another adventure began when I was hired by very well-known indie rock band that, until the embargo on the images has passed, I'll refer to as AF. AF flew me literally half-way across the world from Mumbai to Austin to shoot production stills for a movie they wrote the script for. It was directed by a famous director that, again for now, I can only mention as SJ.

After that adventure, I settled in back at home in Houston and did post-production on the stills from the movie. The band loved the photos and hired me to photograph some of their warm-up shows and band portraits for 10 days in Canada.

Between band gig number one and band gig number two, I hired photo consultant extraordinaire Jasmine DeFoore. She negotiated my contract. Currently, I've retained her services to help me with my brand and marketing. She is also my editor for a new project I've started, tentatively called "A Man and His Castle".

It's a project I'm very excited about. The basic premise is photographing people who have had to use deadly force to protect themselves and their property. Most of the time a person is protected by the Castle Doctrine. The  plan is to photograph people in the room where the shooting occurred while holding the weapon they used. I'll also be shooting some interview video and will do my best to take you, gentle reader, along for the ride.

For the time being, y0u'll have to satiate yourself with some greatest hits from my day job as a photojournalist from the past couple of months.

Cheers and more soon,



Klein celebrates after defeating Klein Collins in the second of a best of three game to win the Class 5A Region II finals Friday, June 4, 2010 in College Station, Texas. Klein defeated Klein Collins 10.

Klein Collins' catcher John Ledesma has a quiet moment after being defeated by Klein.

Giuseppe Risi, president of Risi Competizione, sits next to a Ferrari 430 GT raced in the 2008 and 2009 season. Risi Competizione was founded in 1997. Risi Competizione is the Ferrari of Houston-based racing team, directed by Risi, that has been very successful in sports car racing in both Europe and the United States. In addition to racing Ferraris and Maseratis, Risi Competizione also provides competition development, management, and support services. Giuseppe Risi is the owner & managing director of the team.

Houston Police Department investigates a possible capital murder in an apartment complex in the 5800 block of Sunforest.  The Luxor Apartment complex, where the murder happened, is also where Houston Police Officer Timothy Abernathy was ambushed and killed following a traffic stop in Dec. 2008.