New mosque construction on the rise in Houston

A week ago, I photographed a story for the Houston Chronicle about new mosque construction in Houston. One of the points of the story is how new mosque construction has become more opulent with more square footage than in the past. My favorite image from the story is of a young man entering the front door of the mosque. I'm always looking for ways to give a two-dimensional image more depth. I remember photo editor Mike Davis saying once to compose an image from infinity forward. Another image from the past week is one I made of gospel singer Kathy Taylor.  The Sunday morning assignment was better than a cup of strong coffee. After being ushered into the very large Windsor Village United Methodist Church, I started photographing the first gospel singer to come to the stage. When I was done, I walked to the side of the stage and talked with the pastor and a layman. They asked me if I got some good shots and I showed them the back of my camera. They both started laughing hysterically - the lady who I'd photographed wasn't Kathy Taylor. The woman on stage right NOW was Kathy Taylor. I booked back down to the front of the stage and started maniacally making pictures, not being sure if this was going to be her only performance of the morning, which she was already half-way through. Needless to say, she has a powerful, moving voice. I remember joking on my twitter that she made me want to convert!

This last week, I also photographed the annual Veteran's Parade.  The Reagan High School JROTC had the honor of carrying a giant flag down Smith Street from Texas Avenue down to just past City Hall.

Lastly, I photographed the dedication of a plaque to blues legend Lightin' Hopkins. I was surprised by how many people turned out on a cold, damp Saturday morning. To capture this, I put my camera on a monopod and used the self-timer to photograph the mass of people who came to honor the man who likes goin' down slow.