Weed Water

In May 2016, Roseburg Forest Products filed a suit against the City of Weed, California, the organization Water for the Citizens of Weed, and nine individuals, including Jim Taylor, Jim Gubetta, Bob Hall, Bruce Shoemaker, Dave Pearce, Mary Jackson, Michael Yates, Monica Zinda, and Ray Strack, requesting that the court settle a dispute over who owns a water right that had been used for several decades to provide 2.0 cubic feet per second of water to Weed through the Beaughan Springs.

The individuals, and WCWC, had argued that they were not proper defendants in the case, alleging that Roseburg had initiated a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation – a lawsuit intended to silence members of the public who speak out against another party’s actions – which are illegal in California.

Roseburg had argued in its filing that when the individuals and WCWC petitioned the City of Weed and a local watermaster district to determine the holder of the Beaughan water right, they had infringed on the right the company says it has owned since it purchased property and assets from International Paper in 1982.

On Dec. 7, Siskiyou County Superior Court Judge Karen Dixon ruled that the named defendants and WCWC “could not be sued for exercising their constitutional rights when they asked local government agencies for help.”

-David Smith, Siskiyou Daily