We should do this more often

Okay, so I've been slacking a bit on updating my blog. Its been a busy month. Also, I have to wait until things publish in the paper before I can present them here. So without further adieu, here are some recent and not-so-recent images. Remember when the Rockets were still in the running? They fell out after a record 21 straight game streak that got them into the playoffs.

I had to photograph this next one twice. The first time I didn't notice the guy in the very back wasn't sharp. I came back a second time with a tripod. A lesson learned, I photographed them inside a wreck of a building they'll eventually transform into their collective.


The Art Car Parade, a 21-year tradition of artists decorating cars and parading them through central Houston is an ode to the city's creative spirit. Unfortunately, this year's festival ended in tragedy when the beloved photography curator at the Art Car Museum, Tom Jones, was killed by a drunk driver. Jones was sitting on a curb outside the museum in the early morning hours following the parade relaxing with friends when a car hit another car parked at the curb. The parked car slammed into Jones and killed him. The following images are from the parade and the following memorial the next day and a week later.


Also depressing was the demolition of an almost century-old church in the third ward in Houston. Some community members were in the final stages of getting the decrepit building a historical designation. One morning, however, the bricks spontaneously fell from one side of the building. It was later decided the building needed to be demolished immediately.

Not to leave you depressed, I end this blog entry with...tiny horses. Everyone loves tiny horses. Please enjoy.