Happy accident

Lately I've been doing quite a bit of shooting with my Yashica T4, a great point-and-shoot from the mid-1990's that has a very sharp Zeiss lens on it. Part of the fun is heading to Walgreen's or CVS to turn in a roll of film when I'm done. I love the anticipation and waiting and most of all getting prints(!) when I come in to pick up my order. My last visit, I had the roll scanned to a CD instead of getting prints, figuring I can order prints individually (all these prints can get expensive, yah know? and where do I store them all? it's bad enough trying to keep digital files organized, but I digress). Before I left, I looked at the photos on a reprint kiosk next to the counter. I noticed that just about all of the scans were off, showing some or most of the edge of the negative frame between shots. Looking through them, I was excited by the dialogue these happy accidents were creating. I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes by photographer Keith Carter, who quoted poet William Stafford to "always be on guard against perfection." The image below is my favorite "mistake" from the roll.