New portraits

The last couple of months have been busy. I've started picking up assignments from the Houston Business Journal (hence the corporate portraits) and completed an assignment for one of my favorite clients, Columbia magazine, whose readership are members of the Knights of Columbus. I also had the opportunity to photograph Marcus Davis, the owner of The Breakfast Klub, a well-known and loved restaurant here in Houston. I'm headed up to Washington, DC next week and will be visiting with various editors to show my work and introduce myself. It'll be the first time I've spent an extended period of time there, never having made the requisite trip in middle school that seemed to be all the rage in the mid-1980's. Do kids still do that?

In other news, I've been busy revamping my digital asset management system. Not quite as exciting as making pictures so I won't bore you with the details. Needless to say, if you're a photographer, don't wait too long to get your files in order. Nothing hurts worse than the pain of a crashed hard drive with no backup.





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