A couple of new images

Here are a couple of recent images I like. The first is from my project on the Karen refugee community in Houston. I brought along my Hasselblad and some Tri-X film and shot a couple of rolls. The camera takes some getting used to and is unforgivable with fine focus at wide open apertures. It'll definitely force me to shoot differently. I've also found that taking the time to process the film at home pays off in two ways. The first is that processing film is very meditative. It's not something you can drift off from. You have to pay attention to agitation, development times, and temperatures. Because this all takes time, it'll force me to become more selective and careful when I'm making images because I know that every shot will have to count.  

The second images is a favorite from a shoot I did for Purina last week of two champion bird dogs in Cypress, Texas. The dogs were great because once they found a scent of a quail, they stood like statues.