Dr. Jeffery Brown for The Wall Street Journal

Endocrinologist Dr. Jeffery Brown

My most recent shoot for The Wall Street Journal was for a story about a Houston endocrinologist who specializes in helping athletes optimize their hormone levels. The story behind this shoot is at first harrowing. I typically arrive early to very early for shoots. I like to be prepared by having time to scout and figure out a strategy for making the best images. I remember the weather was absolutely beautiful and I was to meet Dr. Brown at his office at 4:15pm. Unfortunately, Houston traffic can be quite capricious. Even after leaving for the assignment early, I sat in traffic for almost an hour and a half, arriving at the shoot almost 45 minutes behind schedule. Thankfully, Dr. Brown was a very gracious host and a very giving subject. Things actually worked out for the best - there were no patients in the office to work around and Dr. Brown was willing to go anywhere or do anything. Conversation was lively and he even shared a delicious piece of his chocolate covered matzo from a recent Passover Sedar. Another happy accident about being tardy to the assignment was that the angle of the sun started to get low enough to pull off the first photo, my favorite of the take. There's no artificial light, just a gold reflector on a stand. Sometimes things work out for the best. The Journal ended up using the second photo, likely because it illustrates most succinctly Dr. Brown's relationship with Olympic track star Carl Lewis.  

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