On Assignment: Laura Jo Degan for Newsweek

I'm proud to have my first-ever tearsheet from Newsweek magazine. We had a subscription to Newsweek growing up and I always looked forward to it. At the time, there was no internet and I wouldn't have seen any other photography like it in my day to day life. Also, my Dad is somewhat of a news junkie, and by default I became one as well (the news was usually followed by a painful-to-watch, poorly produced 1980's-era episode of the BBC's "Dr. Who," but that's an entirely other blog post).

For a special section titled "Then & Now," I worked with Shaminder Dulai, the director of photography at Newsweek. The magazine checked in with subjects who were part of a special teenager issue in 1966 to see what they'd been up to for the last 50 years. I photographed Laura Jo Degan, who was great to work with. She had close ties with one of my favorite 1960's psych-rock bands, the 13th Floor Elevators. During our shoot, I was in awe as she showed me photos of her and Roky Erickson and the rest of the band. She even made me a salad from veggies in her garden. It was definitely one of my favorite assignments this year to date.